PadelBox is at the forefront for high-end, luxury courts in the US. And with a rapidly growing interest in the sport, PadelBox has created a top of the line court for clients living in areas with extreme weather, such as hurricanes, tropical storms and snow storms.

The PadelBox Cube court was recently featured in PARK Magazines’ Too Kool article about power couple Nick Hissom and Kameron Ramirez.

“When Kameron and I are not working, we love spending
time with friends, playing padel, running, biking, going to the
gym, and boating.”

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The PadelBox court was installed in Palm Beach, where weather can sometime be quite rough. This court model is designed to withstand strong wind loads , it is the one of the strongest courts on the market. Combined with the strongest support steel and PadelBoxs’ design aesthetic excellence, this is the one powerful beauty of a court.

The game of Padel, which has been played for years in Spain, is rapidly growing across Europe and the US. PadelBox has been on the forefront of that growth in the US for the last 10 years, installing courts in New York, California, Texas, Louisiana, Georgia, Idaho ,Florida.

Padelbox is also present in Canada and The Bahamas.

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