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  1. Hi,

    I’m from Spain and I used to play padel years ago (amateur level). I would like to know if there are padel lessons in LA.

    Thank you.

  2. Hi…I am architecture and I want design a padel court in iran . I have a question about your design in one of your instalisation in Los Angeles. which kind of profile you use that keep stable your structure in 10 meter length?.I am looking forward to you.
    thank you very much

  3. Hi I’m an italian Padel player and for Christmas time I’ll be in .Carlsbad.
    Can you suggest me a couple of courts to play?

  4. Hi, I play padel for Great Britain and I’m gonna be over for christmas and I was wondering if there was anyone to play against with a high standard?

  5. Has anyone played on the court on the top of the Hilton in Mexico City were you thinking of going there and would like to play on that court there are three of us we also are not sure if we could get 1/4

  6. I live between Los Angeles and Lisbon and I’m dying for some Padel in / around L.A. I played in Torrence once… but just too far to drive.
    :-/ Any more courts being built anytime soon(ish)??

  7. Hi there,
    I’m a native Californian and have been living in Holland for 30+ years. I’ll be spending the holidays in southern CA and would love to play padel while I’m out. Started playing about 3 years ago. Are there any courts in the Palm Springs / Oceanside area?

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