Premier Padel Courts in North America

Premier Padel and MejorSet today proudly announced an exclusive sponsorship and licensing agreement for MejorSet to become the “Official Padel Court” partner for Premier Padel from 2024 to 2026

The new full panoramic Premier
Padel court will be the official court of the #RiyadhSeasonPadel, with further announcements for other Premier Padel tournaments this season to come soon.


The court enclosure comprises a self-supporting structure featuring structural tubes, enclosed and anchored by two lower and upper perimeter rings. The upper ultra-thin ring is reinforced with 5mm sheet metal. The steel components are galvanized, and the structure is coated with baked epoxy polyester resin.

The galvanized electro-welded mesh has dimensions of 50x50x4mm and is delivered without projections. Frames are constructed using structural plates according to specifications, with three horizontal crossbars made of 40x5mm plates to prevent buckling (ensuring the structure remains sturdy under weight).


The metallic elements are coated with a thermosetting polyester powder paint formulated with polyester resins. This QUALICOAT certified finish, in the golden color of Premier Padel or in black, provides these elements with excellent resistance to corrosion and ultraviolet rays, as well as high resistance to mechanical impacts.
In coastal and salty environments, we treat the structure with an additional two-coat primer system of pure epoxy, which is coated with either a powder or liquid finish.


Certified 12mm tempered glass for the panoramic backdrops and for the sides.  The side and bottom panes are 2x3m. All of them installed on 5mm neoprene to reduce vibrations and breakage. The manufacturing process of this tempered glass is carried out by means of a standardized production process and in compliance with the UNE EN 12150-1 standard


New 10mm textured artificial turf specially designed for this court. This type of turf is utilized in the center court of major professional tournaments of Premier Padel, renowned for its enhanced rotational and longitudinal traction capabilities.

This results in improved grip, subsequently enhancing the safety and performance of movements.


Eight linear LED spotlights of 200W each, featuring premium illumination and a unique design resembling half a padel racket, created by MejorSet.
It is possible to increase the number of spotlights or choose others with higher wattage.

In adherence to NIDE standards, the lighting on a padel court is designed to be uniform, ensuring it does not obstruct the vision of players, the referee team, or spectators. Our lighting systems comply with the UNE EN 12193 standard, which outlines lighting requirements for sports facilities.

Personalization and extras

The Premier Padel Court model includes the protectors for the exits, net protector and entrance plate with Premier Padel branding.

  • Nylon protective netting on the back and/or sides to prevent ball loss.
  • Custom competition-grade net with either personalized design or featuring the Premier Padel brand.
  • Customization of the technical area.


Interested in bringing the thrill of Padel to your community, club, or facility? Get in touch with us today at Padel Box to learn more about how you can become a part of the Padel revolution sweeping the nation.

Don’t miss out on this incredible opportunity to be a part of the fastest-growing sport in the world. Contact us now to secure your Premier Padel court and join us in shaping the future of Padel in the USA! 🌟 #PremierPadel #MejorSet #PadelUSA#padelbox


Welcome to P.ala – Padel Rackets and Accessories Designed in California

P.ala was born in California to offer Padel Rackets and accessories creating affordable products for New Padel players. The brand is all about crafting cutting-edge, top-quality, hand made and affordable equipment and accessories for Padel players. 🎾 Whether you’re a seasoned pro or just discovering Padel for the first time, there is something special for you.

Passionate About Your Play

P.ala Padel does things differently with a personal touch that sets them apart. The goal is to make the game accessible and enjoyable for everyone, especially beginners stepping onto the court for the first time.

More Than Just Padel

Committed to providing fun and affordable products like padel rackets, bags, balls, hats and accessories for the game of Padel. P.ala understands the unique needs of padel and racket sports enthusiasts, and are dedicated to surpassing your expectations.

Curious about what P.ala has to offer?

Introducing P.ala MONTECARLO and MONACO inspired by racing car designs are an exciting venture, blending the speed, sleek lines, and aerodynamics of race cars with the functionality of high-performance sports equipment.

Both models include Aerodynamic hole design  that enhances speed and power, helping players generate maximum momentum with each swing. The absence of holes in the center of the rackets ensures a larger sweet spot, allowing beginners to make more consistent contact with the ball

The Round shape and thick frame increase the sweet spot area, making it easier for players to hit the ball and improve their game including Dampeners to absorb the vibrations generated during ball impact, minimizing the shock transmitted to your hand and arm.

Designed with beginners in mind, the Grip optimizes the feel of your padel racket, providing a tactile advantage as you learn and master the game. The faux leather material adds a touch of durability and sophistication to your equipment, ensuring that you step onto the court with both style and confidence.

Padel bags with a fun and retro look

The Padel Bags feature multiple compartments that provide enough space for storing two rackets, a ball can, and other essential items. The front compartment is spacious enough to hold one Padel Rackets, while the main pocket is ideal for storing smaller items such as keys, phone, or wallet. Additionally, the padel bag has a dedicated compartment for laptops or tablets, making it a great choice for players who need to stay connected on the go.

Designed for all racquet sport enthusiasts these retro looking Padel Bags also fits 2-3 pickleball rackets and small items inside. Fits 1-2 tennis rackets, Platform Tennis and Badminton racquets in front pocket. Colors available: Hunter green, white, light grey and navy blue.


Awarded as The Best Padel Court in the World

This padel court court by our Official Partner in the USA MEJOR SET enclosure is constructed with a self-supporting structure featuring a structural tube, enclosed and secured by two lower and upper perimeter rings. These rings are crafted from structural sheet metal, available in either galvanized steel or coated with baked epoxy polyester resin.

The structure gets added strength from electro-welded galvanized mesh with a 50x50x4mm setup, ensuring a safe playing environment without protruding elements. Frames use a thick structural tube with three horizontal 40x5mm plate crossbars for anti-buckling support. The premium finish ensures an unobstructed view, with no structural elements around the glass perimeter. It features custom elements on door posts and structural components.

For extra durability, the padel court metallic elements get a coating with a thermosetting polyester powder paint. This QUALICOAT-certified finish can be customized to the customer’s preferred color, providing excellent resistance to corrosion, ultraviolet rays, and mechanical impact.

We use certified 12 mm tempered glass for the panoramic back walls and sides. All glass panels are installed on 5mm neoprene to minimize vibrations and reduce the risk of breakage. The manufacturing process adheres to a standardized production process and complies with the UNE EN 12150-1 standard.

Mondo SuperCourt turf is the same one gracing the center court of major professional tournaments worldwide, known for its textured filament effect. It enhances rotational and longitudinal traction, improving grip, safety, and overall performance.

We also offer the option of 12 mm monofilament grass in the four official colors accepted by the International Padel Federation: blue, green, orange/clay, black, and purple. Step onto the court with confidence and style!

Portable or permanent setup
This court model can be permanent setup or portable. Opt for portability, and you can set up this court on various sports facilities, including tennis courts

Tested by professional players
Court installed in the best padel tournaments worldwide, tested by professional players, endorsed by engineers.

For more information contact PADELBOX.


Revolutionizing Padel in North America: Padelbox and Mejorset Join Forces!

In a super exciting announcement, Padelbox, the top provider of Padel courts in the USA since 2013, has teamed up with Mejorset, the global leader in Padel Court Manufacturing and Installation. This epic partnership is set to shake up the Padel world, bringing together unmatched expertise, innovation, and passion.

The company Padelbox has been dominating the Padel court scene in the United States for over a decade, creating awesome courts for private setups and clubs across various states like California, New York, Florida, Texas, Idaho, Louisiana, Georgia. Also present in Canada, Mexico, and the Caribbean. Their commitment to quality has made them a real standout.

Mejorset, with more than two decades of experience, has been at the forefront of the Padel revolution, not only making courts but turning spaces into Padel paradises for clubs and events.

What’s super cool about this partnership is the blend of Padelbox’s local know-how and Mejorset’s worldwide domination. Padelbox knows the ins and outs of American Padel, while Mejorset has rocked the Padel scene globally.

As Padel gains popularity in the USA, this partnership is perfectly timed. This collaboration between Padelbox and Mejorset is a huge deal, shaping the future of Padel with their combined awesomeness.

Guess what? Padelbox just supplied the first Padel court in Northern California and a Panorama court in Coachella. And Mejorset rocked the most important Premier Circuit tournaments in 2022-23 with their official courts.


They’ve been everywhere:

· Installing 7 courts in the Major Italy 2023 tournament with stunning panoramas.

· Setting up 6 courts in Doha, Qatar, with the best views.

· Doing another 6 courts in Paris in 2022 and 9 courts for the tournament celebrated in Roland-Garrós in 2023, très magnifique!

· At the epicenter of the padel world, in the Madrid P1 Premier Padel tournament 2023, MejorSet installed 4 courts.

· Mendoza got 3 courts in 2022 and 3 in 2023

· Milan got 3 courts in 2022, and in 2023 will be enjoying some more for sure at this stunning tournament.

· Oh, and 5 incredible FULL Panorama courts recently installed in the NY area.

Get ready for the incredible journey as Padelbox and Mejorset team up in North America. 🎾

Innovating the Market – Two-Toned Grass

PadelBox is a brand that has been making waves in the Padel market with their innovative approach to the game. They have recently introduced a unique feature that sets them apart from the competition: two-toned grass, therefor this fresh and new approach to the traditional game of Padel is quickly gaining popularity among players in the USA, where PadelBox has become the expert brand.

What sets PadelBox two-toned grass by Real Turf USA apart is its visual appeal. The contrast between the green and blue grass creates a unique and eye-catching effect, making it a cool addition to any Padel court. But, it’s not just about looks. The two-toned grass has functional benefits as well. The darker grass acts as a reference point for players, helping them determine the position of the court’s back wall. It also helps players judge the ball’s trajectory better, improving their gameplay.

PadelBox innovative approach to the game has been well-received by players and enthusiasts alike and the two-toned grass will be a game-changer, offering a fresh and new experience for players.

PadelBox two-toned grass is a breath of fresh air in the Padel market. If you’re a Padel player looking for a cool and new experience, be sure to check out PadelBox and their two-toned grass courts.


Building a perfect Padelbox concrete base court steps:

  1. Choose a suitable location: The padel court should be level and have good drainage. It should also be in a location that is easily accessible and has enough space for players to move around.
  2. Measure the area: The standard size of a padel court is 20 meters by 10 meters, but it’s best to consult with PADELBOX and your architect to ensure that the court will fit in the chosen location. Padelbox recommends a minimum space of 35 by 68 feet.
  3. Prepare the ground: The ground should be leveled and compacted, and any grass or other vegetation should be removed.
  4. Build the proper concrete slab following the next steps:
  • Excavate the area: The depth of the excavation should be deep enough to allow for the slab and a layer of compacted gravel.
  • Add a layer of compacted gravel: The gravel provides a stable base for the concrete slab and helps with drainage. The gravel should be compacted to ensure a level surface.
  • Form the slab: The slab should be minimum 12 inches thick and should be formed to the dimensions of the court. The forms should be level and securely in place to ensure that the slab is the correct size and shape.
  • Pour and finish the concrete: The concrete should be poured in sections and finished with a trowel to create a smooth surface. The slab should be left to cure for at least 28 days before it can be used.

It’s important to use high-quality concrete and to consult with an experienced contractor to ensure that the slab is properly designed and constructed to meet the safety and durability requirements of your padel court.

5. Maintaining the Court: Regular maintenance of the court is important to ensure that it remains in good condition. This includes cleaning and sweeping the surface, as well as checking and tightening any loose bolts or screws.

It is important to consult with PADELBOX experts when building a padel court to ensure that it meets the standard size and safety requirements.

Los Angeles Department of Building and Safety first certified Padel court

Pavilion Landscape by RIOS

Meticulous describes every inch of this landscape renovation for a detail-oriented client.

Two new outdoor pavilions anchor the property: one serving the existing pool, the other adjoining a new court for Padel, a racket sport similar to paddle tennis. The existing home’s massive wood beams influenced the overall look of the pavilions, both of which are clad in seven-inch-wide shou-sugi-ban-treatedboards.

This labor-intensive ancient Japanese technique preserves and waterproofs the sapele wood by charring its surface. Both structures are designed on a seven-inch module, so every window and door opening corresponds to a multiple of seven inches wide, leaving no partial boards. Both pavilions are true indoor/outdoor spaces, lit for night use, with televisions, heaters, and wet bars carefully concealed within.

Our design seamlessly joins two lots in Bel Air into a single estate, with multiple programmed spaces for outdoor activity.

A grove of olive trees at the property’s new driveway entrance creates a grand arrival sequence. Carefully manicured boxwood hedges flank crape myrtles, which burst into gorgeous white flowers each spring. Additional olive trees cascade down the hillside, their sculptural branches and thick foliage adding to the feeling of secluded expanse.

A series of formal allées frame the best views and knit all the various spaces together. The client’s specifications for the Padel court were just as exacting. We sank the fence posts deep underground so no fasteners are exposed. The fact that the Los Angeles Department of Building and Safety had never certified a Padel court made the process even more challenging. ARTICLE BY RIOS.


PadelBox is at the forefront for high-end, luxury courts in the US. And with a rapidly growing interest in the sport, PadelBox has created a top of the line court for clients living in areas with extreme weather, such as hurricanes, tropical storms and snow storms.

The PadelBox Cube court was recently featured in PARK Magazines’ Too Kool article about power couple Nick Hissom and Kameron Ramirez.

“When Kameron and I are not working, we love spending
time with friends, playing padel, running, biking, going to the
gym, and boating.”

Read the full article at:

The PadelBox court was installed in Palm Beach, where weather can sometime be quite rough. This court model is designed to withstand strong wind loads , it is the one of the strongest courts on the market. Combined with the strongest support steel and PadelBoxs’ design aesthetic excellence, this is the one powerful beauty of a court.

The game of Padel, which has been played for years in Spain, is rapidly growing across Europe and the US. PadelBox has been on the forefront of that growth in the US for the last 10 years, installing courts in New York, California, Texas, Louisiana, Georgia, Idaho ,Florida.

Padelbox is also present in Canada and The Bahamas.

Is padel tennis the next pickleball?

Club owners collect a combination of court time and membership fees, which creates a revenue stream, whereas pickleball struggles to charge. At the same time, the margins for padel business owners are more attractive than constructing a tennis court which costs double the amount.

Described as a hybrid game of squash and tennis and endorsed with big investments from famous athletes like the soccer player Zlatan Ibrahimovic and tennis star Andy Murray, padel, a racquet sport little known to Americans is vying to unseat pickleball as the US’s fastest growing sport.

Easy to pick up and played on a smaller court than traditional tennis, padel bears a number of similarities to pickleball. Nowprivate investors are spending big to build hundreds of courts across the nation and campaigning to see it become an Olympic sport for Los Angeles 2028.

First invented by Mexican businessman Enrique Corcuera in 1969, padel is a big pastime in Spain, where there are over 20,000 courts. It’s caught on more recently in the Middle East and other European countries, for example, in France where it’s been the fastest growing sport in the last two years, according to the country’s sports ministry.It’s been steadily making its way into the European mainstream and last month, Roland Garros hosted a major padel tournament on its grounds for the first time.

In the US, it’s states with large Spanish-speaking populations like Florida and Texas that are paving the way.

“You cannot get a court in South Florida without booking three weeks in advance. Facilities have a waiting list of 100 to get lessons,” said the president of the United States Padel Association (USPA). The association estimates there are 25 million people playing globally in more than 170 countries.

Although in the US currently there are only around 180 courts, the USPA is forecasting exponential growth based on the uptake of the sport it has seen in other countries. It expects there will be 25,000 to 30,000 courts with 8 to 10 million people playing in the US by 2029. 

New York City recently welcomed its first padel club called Padel Haus. Opened by Santiago Gomez, the Williamsburg venue opened with four courts in July but the entrepreneur is set to open another eight in the city’s Financial District and 10 in Green point and Long Island City within the next year.

“New York City right now alone has enough demand for 50 courts and has room to grow,” said Gomez, who is also looking at expanding in Boston and Philadelphia. Although Gomez has been playing padel for years, he was inspired to invest in it after seeing its popularity rise during covid-19.

During the pandemic, European governments were not allowing team sports to play, but they were allowing padel,” he said. As a non-contact sport, the risk of germ exposure is lower, but the distance between players is still close enough that people can still converse readily. “People were doing that as their only way to exercise and socialize.”

ARTICLE By Tiffany Ap



The FIRST Padel Club opens in NYC


Fun fact: Santiago Gomez, co-founder of iconic Mexican restaurants Cosme and Atla, is the founder of the project.

“I played padel for almost 20 years while growing up in Mexico and spending my summers in Acapulco, where the sport was invented,” Gomez said in an official statement about his latest endeavor. “When the pandemic hit in 2020, I went back to Acapulco and made padel a part of my routine, playing every day. When I eventually returned to New York, I realized that the sport was one of the things the city was missing and the idea for Padel Haus was born.”

Expect the new destination to look very modern, boasting white oak wood floors, casings with matte black and concrete accents throughout. There will also be locker rooms with lime wall finishes, fluted glass shower doors, large-format gray terrazzo tile flooring and stacked matte sage green wall tiles. 

In addition to the professional courts, the space will also be home to the city’s only padel pro shop, a co-ed steam room, an elevated viewing lounge and an organic juice bar that will be open to the public. 

As for pricing, memberships currently cost $150 per month, plus a one-time initiation fee of $490. You can also book a court if you’re not a member, but it will cost you $55 per person per hour with a maximum of three bookings per month. 

And if you’ve never played the game but so ardently wish you could, you’ll be delighted to know that Padel Haus will soon also launch an academy for both kids and adults led by certified padel coaches. Think of it as a tennis-slash-squash school.

ARTICLE Written by Anna RahmananTuesday June 14 2022 FROM TIME OUT.


The mission of Padelbox is to share our passion for Padel and to create opportunities for more people to learn and benefit from this racquet sport helping padel grow in the NY Metropolitan Area.