Padel in USA

Padel in the United States

In this post we will look at the different padel facilities in the United States.  We are very excited to play Padel in Los Angeles, California soon but for those that can’t wait until that happens we will show you the other “nearby” places where you can play in the meantime. For now, padel is played in two states: Texas (3 locations) and Florida (2 locations).  New York and California will hopefully be added soon to the list as there are advanced projects to have courts available soon!First, we will start with Texas since it is where padel first landed in the United States.  The first padel court was installed in The Houstonian, an upscale hotel in Houston, Texas.  Here they started with one court that was built in 1993 and later added two courts due to their tremendous success.  In 1993, the United States Padel Association (USPA) was also formed at this location.

Here is a video of The Houstonian padel facilities:


Another nearby facility is Sports Culture in The Woodlands, Texas.  Here you can check out their activities and join them:

The third padel center in this state is The Club in Spring, Texas.  It is also the newest facility in the United States as they just opened their padel doors in April of 2013.  They have installed three astonishing padel courts that you can see in the image below:

394249_601103346579922_1688125596_nFor more information on how to join The Club you can visit their website:

Second, we will take a look at the facilities in Florida.  This state counts with AB Sport Club in Miami, a facility dedicated to the wellness of its members.  It not only offers padel but also fitness.  AB Sport Club has opened a new facility that counts with state of the art machinery.

Look at the very special visit they received! Do you recognize Carlos Moya?? Ex number one in the world tennis player and Roland Garros winner (among other titles).

moya padel Check out their website for more information

The other club in Florida is Miami Padel as its name hints; it is in Miami!  This facility has two padel courts; its peculiarity is that these courts are built on top of two tennis courts as you can see in the picture below.  This location has been open for almost four years and still going and improving!  Here is a picture:

padel florida We hope you are ready to play padel!  Join our facebook or twitter to follow up on news and events.

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