Revolutionizing Padel in North America: Padelbox and Mejorset Join Forces!

In a super exciting announcement, Padelbox, the top provider of Padel courts in the USA since 2013, has teamed up with Mejorset, the global leader in Padel Court Manufacturing and Installation. This epic partnership is set to shake up the Padel world, bringing together unmatched expertise, innovation, and passion.

The company Padelbox has been dominating the Padel court scene in the United States for over a decade, creating awesome courts for private setups and clubs across various states like California, New York, Florida, Texas, Idaho, Louisiana, Georgia. Also present in Canada, Mexico, and the Caribbean. Their commitment to quality has made them a real standout.

Mejorset, with more than two decades of experience, has been at the forefront of the Padel revolution, not only making courts but turning spaces into Padel paradises for clubs and events.

What’s super cool about this partnership is the blend of Padelbox’s local know-how and Mejorset’s worldwide domination. Padelbox knows the ins and outs of American Padel, while Mejorset has rocked the Padel scene globally.

As Padel gains popularity in the USA, this partnership is perfectly timed. This collaboration between Padelbox and Mejorset is a huge deal, shaping the future of Padel with their combined awesomeness.

Guess what? Padelbox just supplied the first Padel court in Northern California and a Panorama court in Coachella. And Mejorset rocked the most important Premier Circuit tournaments in 2022-23 with their official courts.


They’ve been everywhere:

· Installing 7 courts in the Major Italy 2023 tournament with stunning panoramas.

· Setting up 6 courts in Doha, Qatar, with the best views.

· Doing another 6 courts in Paris in 2022 and 9 courts for the tournament celebrated in Roland-Garrós in 2023, très magnifique!

· At the epicenter of the padel world, in the Madrid P1 Premier Padel tournament 2023, MejorSet installed 4 courts.

· Mendoza got 3 courts in 2022 and 3 in 2023

· Milan got 3 courts in 2022, and in 2023 will be enjoying some more for sure at this stunning tournament.

· Oh, and 5 incredible FULL Panorama courts recently installed in the NY area.

Get ready for the incredible journey as Padelbox and Mejorset team up in North America. 🎾

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