Invitation to play Padel in Los Angeles

The PadelBox invites you to try this amazing sport at South End Racquet Club in Torrance. South End not only offers Padel but also Paddle Tennis, Tennis, Squash and Racquet Ball.

  • Players: Played in doubles only.
  • Serves: Both 1st and 2nd serves must be underhand.
  • Score: Scoring method is the same as in tennis.
  • Ball: Very similar to tennis balls with less pressure.
  • Paddle: Solid with no strings.
  • Walls: Walls are used as part of the game.

You can participate in our Court Challenge every Saturday from 9:00 AM to 12:00 PM. For private and group lessons please call us at (347) 722-4510.

Get in contact to play at

Come by to try this new sport in Los Angeles!

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