Awarded as The Best Padel Court in the World

This padel court court by our Official Partner in the USA MEJOR SET enclosure is constructed with a self-supporting structure featuring a structural tube, enclosed and secured by two lower and upper perimeter rings. These rings are crafted from structural sheet metal, available in either galvanized steel or coated with baked epoxy polyester resin.

The structure gets added strength from electro-welded galvanized mesh with a 50x50x4mm setup, ensuring a safe playing environment without protruding elements. Frames use a thick structural tube with three horizontal 40x5mm plate crossbars for anti-buckling support. The premium finish ensures an unobstructed view, with no structural elements around the glass perimeter. It features custom elements on door posts and structural components.

For extra durability, the padel court metallic elements get a coating with a thermosetting polyester powder paint. This QUALICOAT-certified finish can be customized to the customer’s preferred color, providing excellent resistance to corrosion, ultraviolet rays, and mechanical impact.

We use certified 12 mm tempered glass for the panoramic back walls and sides. All glass panels are installed on 5mm neoprene to minimize vibrations and reduce the risk of breakage. The manufacturing process adheres to a standardized production process and complies with the UNE EN 12150-1 standard.

Mondo SuperCourt turf is the same one gracing the center court of major professional tournaments worldwide, known for its textured filament effect. It enhances rotational and longitudinal traction, improving grip, safety, and overall performance.

We also offer the option of 12 mm monofilament grass in the four official colors accepted by the International Padel Federation: blue, green, orange/clay, black, and purple. Step onto the court with confidence and style!

Portable or permanent setup
This court model can be permanent setup or portable. Opt for portability, and you can set up this court on various sports facilities, including tennis courts

Tested by professional players
Court installed in the best padel tournaments worldwide, tested by professional players, endorsed by engineers.

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