Padelbox installed another Panoramic ALLGLASS COURT at Palm Beach.

The Palm Beach Architectural Commission agreed to play ball, of sorts, with casino-and-resort billionaire Steve Wynn, who won the board’s approval to install a padel court in the back yard of his oceanfront manse at the south end of Billionaires Row.




Padelbox has upgraded the All Glass model with a new design featuring 3 meters of glass side panels which improves visibility and is aesthetically pleasing.

Our company provides an array of different Padel Court models which can be modified to fit our clients needs.
We specialize in installing courts for Sports and Tennis clubs as well as Private Residences.
We work alongside our clients paying attention to details making every Padel Court we install unique, beautiful and structurally sound. We provide you with calculations, drawings and details in order to pass city codes and wind load requirements.

Casino mogul Wynn OK’d to get a padel ball court at his Palm Beach estate

Palm Beach homes: Palm Beach officials have approved the town’s first padel court , which is expected to be installed at casino and resort mogul Steve Wynn’s estate on South Ocean Boulevard.

The Palm Beach Architectural Commission Wednesday agreed to play ball, of sorts, with casino-and-resort billionaire Steve Wynn, who won the board’s approval to install a padel court in the back yard of his oceanfront manse at the south end of Billionaires Row.

So you might ask: What’s padel? And that’s just what commissioners wanted to know.

Turns out it’s a combination of tennis — thanks to the center net — and racquetball, played on a prefabricated but customized court measuring 33 feet wide by 66 feet long. Players slam the ball on the rear and side walls, but the ball must always clear the net to remain in play.

The court’s faux-turf surface will be surrounded on all sides by a coated-steel frame that supports walls made of safety glass and mesh. The fencing stands a little more than 13½ feet at its highest point.

It came as no surprise that few on the dais appeared familiar with the game: The court is the first of its kind ever to be approved for installation at a Palm Beach property, officials said.

Officials got their first look at the Wynns’ request for the padel court last month, when the board was told that the proposed version was patterned after one owned by motivation guru Tony Robbins at his Manalapan estate.

But commissioners weren’t happy in January with the location Wynn had chosen for his — just outside a side entrance on the south side of the house at 1960 S. Ocean Blvd. near Sloan’s Curve. The board ended up deferring the project for a month after demanding more detailed plans.

And when the project was re-presented this week, the court had been shifted to the northwest corner of the property with its longest side fronting the Intracoastal Waterway. Immediately to the north, on the other side of a hedge, is a neighbor’s tennis court.

From the “Palm Beach Daily News”

The court will be installed by PadelBox LLC in the next few months. Brand new ALLGLASS model including new design with an unobstructed view from back and side walls.


Padel Box is constantly improving design and innovation. Courts include high quality turf with a 6 to 7 year guarantee. Highly resistant to wear and tear and UV rays. Now you can choose many different color options for you padel court.

Advance is our top-of-the-line padel playing surface. Certified by the Spanish Padel Federation (FEP) as well as the international Tennis Federation (ITF), Advance is made of Monofilament polyethylene yarns with PU finishing to guarantee the best tuft lock and dimensional stability.

Padelbox installs 4 NEW CUBE PADELCOURTS in Brazil

Padelbox installs 4 new courts at the prestigious CLUBE CURITIBANO in Brazil.
This new court has a clear view not only from the back of the court but also from the corners and side walls. Full quality and aesthetics enabling a perfect architectonic combination with the surroundings.

Click Here to see video: PADELBOX IN BRAZIL

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Qualifying Rounds to the XIII° World Padel Championships for National Teams Lisboa 2016.

The draw-lot for composition of the National Teams groups of the classification phase to the XIII ° World Padel Championships Lisbon 2016 has been done in Lisbon.

 Were attending the Draw-Lot Ceremony the President of the I.P.F. Mr. Daniel Patti, the President of the Portuguese Federation of Paddle Mr. Ricardo Da Silva Oliveira, the President of Jamor, organising company of the World Padel Championships Mr. João Lagos, players of Portuguse National Team, organiser’s staff, media and public.

 The Group A Female will play from June 10th. to 12th. in Rijswijk-The Haghe, The Netherlands, and the Group B from August 26th to 28th. in Ghent, Belgium. The Group A is composed by The Netherlands, Germany, United Kingdom and France, and in the Group B are includes Belgium, USA, Switzerland and Finland.

Only the National Team who will win the Round-Robin of the own group will classify to play the Final Phase to be held in the city of Lisbon from the 14th till 20th of November, 2016.

The National Team who will win the Group (after Round-Robin phase) will classify to play the Final Phase to be held in the city of Lisbon from the 14th till 20th of November, 2016, and the two second of each group will play a definitive match (of three single matches) in order to try to reach the third available place.

The California TEAM is ready to fight!!

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Padel or Paddle?

Great article from WikiPadel , platform that helps all players of Padel to find a fun, fast and easy way with an interactive map, which shows which professionals from Padel are near your home, in your city or in your country and help Padel professionals come forward and get many more students or clients to their services without intermediaries and for free.Gabriel Gonzalez talks about the differences between what we called Padel (European Padel)  and Paddle Tennis ( American Padel).

Finally it seems that with the passing of the years are the players, clubs and padel federations around the world have come to “formalize” internationally the word “PADEL” to call this “new sport” growing at lightning speed.

In the 90s yet the word “Padel” and “Paddle” lived together for the same sport, but when it began to internationalize the padel, the English speaking preferred to adopt the original word “PADEL” because in their language the word “paddle” little sense because it created immense confusion with a popular rowing and more confusion even with the “paddle tennis” which has different rules than the original padel.

Today existing padel federations in the United States, United Kingdom, Belgium, Netherlands, France, Australia, Germany, Argentina, Brazil, Canada, Spain, Mexico, Paraguay, Dominican Republic, Sweden, Switzerland, Uruguay and other … The list is growing month to month and all federations agree to adopt the word “PADEL” as the “official” word and their respective clubs in these countries, which in 95% of cases have also adopted the same word spontaneously “PADEL” as the official word internationally to call this sport.

In the 80s and 90s was not clear what word to use, the original word “Padel” or “Paddle”, but apparently there is already a tacit agreement internationally where federations, clubs and players around the world have officially chosen the word “Padel” and today we can see cases where oldest clubs that were called “paddle club” or similar names, have been forced by the confusion created by the same players to change the name and update, call the club for the word almost “official” in all the contries, call it by the name that today all know: “PADEL”.

It is today, in the 2013 when almost no one questions it because everywhere we see is the word PADEL and it seems normal and logical, as we see in the Spanish-speaking padel federations and in the english-speaking padel federations, we also see the word “padel” in the major professional padel circuits, such as the World Padel Tour, the Padel Pro Tour and other major tournaments, whether professional or amateur level, today, everybody use the word “Padel”, so we find it very strange and outdated now see a padel club with “Paddle word” but still exist, very few but there are still some who resist to global trend.

In conclusion, it seems the world has made a decision, taken spontaneously by players, federations and clubs around the world, will be the word “PADEL” the “official” word.

Article by Gabriel Gonzalez padel playing usa